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John Anghelache

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John Anghelache is a direct response copywriter and marketing strategist.

He brings real-world experience to the table. That's because John not only writes advertising copy for clients... but... runs his own businesses.

Over the past decade, he has built several of his own businesses from scratch. By using the power of direct response marketing and copywriting, John first turned around his real estate sales business.

Fierce competition forced him to look outside of the industry for marketing and sales strategies that...

Produce Immediate And
Measurable R

He discovered and began implemeting direct response marketing. In a few weeks, John's real estate business was booming.

He went on to create and strategize a complete direct response marketing system for that business. The system was used for over five years and produced more than $25,000,000 in sales.

John has used his copywriting and marketing skills to sell millions of dollars worth of...

... mortgage brokerage service

... credit repair services

... real estate properties

... business-building programs

... business opportunities

... financial publications and advisory services

... information products and multi-media courses

... and consulting.

John has worked with dozens of offline and online businesses in a variety of industries.

In addition, he has also worked with a few of the top direct marketers and business people in the entire world.

These include...

  • The late, Gary C. Halbert, who is considered by many the best advertising copywriter who ever lived. Gary is also noted as writing the most mailed sales letter - it was mailed over 600,000,000 times - in history.
  • Dr. Joe Vitale who is a marketing genius and one of the stars of the blockbuster book and movie, "The Secret". Joe's inspirational books on self-improvement and marketing have reached best-seller lists the world over.
  • Yanik Silver is the "hot shot" Internet marketing whiz who helps people start profitable web businesses from scratch. His "Underground Marketing" seminar is becoming the stuff of legend.
  • David Garfinkel of the World Copywriting Institute is a world-renowned business building expert. He is perhaps best known for his ability to teach the art and science of how to write money-making direct response ad copy.
  • Michel Fortin is widely recognized as one of the best Internet marketers in the world. And he writes some of the most compelling copy online.
  • And many others!

John's expertise in devising marketing strategies and copywriting has generated well...

Over $55,000,000 In Total
Sales And Counting

His ability to understand a market's needs and wants allows him to fearlessly craft sales messages that generate millions of dollars in profits.

Here are a few examples of some of his advertising and marketing successes:

  • For one client, John created an entire marketing promotion which resulted in a 10% response rate for an expensive $2,970 product. That means 10% of customers whipped out their credit card and bought this product within a 30-day time frame! And it continued as a best-seller for over two years!
  • Another client was selling a monthly membership service. John developed a promotion which resulted in a staggering 1,078.64% return on investment. Imagine getting back almost $11 for every one dollar you spend on an ad campaign for your business! But the profits don't end there. You see, since this is a continuity service, the client gets a continuous stream of residual profits.
  • Yet another client sold out a $5,000 per head seminar within 35 hours after implementing the strategy and sales copy John crafted for him!
  • John doubled the monthly profits of an online company selling a cheap $59 ebook to $40,000 per month... or... $480,000 in additional profits per year!
  • Recently, for one of his businesses, John got a 43% response rate to a direct mail package. Overall, 13% of the people who read that letter hired him. And three of those clients booked John for at least three months in advance!
  • A tiny three-line newspaper classified ad - these are the same as Google Adwords online - John wrote ran for a full year unchanged and raked in over $80,000 in profits!
  • John wrote an ingenious direct mail campaign which brought back a 2,861% return on investment within 45 days!
  • A marketing program he helped to conceptualize, launch and oversee ran for 5 years straight in a very competetive industry and produced gross sales in excess of $3,500,000 the first year alone... and... over $25,000,000 total!
  • Another marketing program he created generated just shy of $14,000,000 in a two year stretch!

John is picky when it comes to the clients he works with.

As John says, "Everyone has something to sell... but... not everyone has something worth selling."

He especially likes to write for information publishing and training companies. Anyone selling information products to the consumer or business market is welcome to contact John.

However, John does not write for anyone selling unethical or illegal products... SPAM emails... or... companies who misrepresent their products or services.

John's speciality includes...

... direct mail sales letters

... post cards

... magazine and newspaper space ads

... advertorials

... lead generation classified ads

... brochures

... self-mailers

... website sales letters

... lead generation squeeze pages

... autoresponder emails

... complete internet marketing systems

... and hybrid marketing systems combining offline and online media.

His most successful clients use his...

Proven Marketing Campaigns System

John relies on a proprietary process to uncover "profit-gap" opportunities within your business. Then he crafts a proven marketing campaign based on his research. These campaigns tend to result in double and triple-digit returns within 15 to 30 days.

To find out more, simply give him a call.

If you have a project in mind, now might be a good time to contact John.

His schedule is often booked for several months ahead.

But if he is availble, he just might be one of the best copywriters and marketing strategists to have on your team.

He can be reached at...

john @ johnanghelache.com


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